Letter Sample 3

Dear <Name>,

I strongly object to the Heatherton Train Stabling Yard and Maintenance Facility.

Like so many of my neighbours, some of whom have been here for over 50 years, I chose to live here knowing that large parts of the area, including exactly where the Government want to put this Facility, would ultimately be transformed into parks and recreation for everyone around Melbourne to enjoy.

For decades residents have put up with sand mining and landfilling on the promise that they would get these parks/recreation. Local Council has put measures in place to make sure this would happen and in the past State Government has been supportive of this, calling Green Wedges the ‘Lungs of Melbourne”.

This Government has turned its back on us and has decided that the folk of Heatherton and Clarinda just don’t matter.

It is beyond appalling that the Premier would publically state that there has been community consultation, when there has been absolutely none. 

No-one knew anything about it until a very plain envelope from the Rail Authority arrived in the letterbox literally days for Christmas Day.

Some residents discarded this letter without opening it thinking it was just marketing material.

The timing and ‘plain packaging’ approach was clearly designed to deceive, which is absolutely shameful.

How dare the Government and Rail Authority think that we would want to live with this 24/7 abomination right next to our homes.

Thank you,


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