This list contains links of interest and relevance to the planned train stabling at the Delta site.

  • Suburban Rail Loop Business and Investment Case, 19/08/2021

  • Suburban Rail Loop – Impact Assessment and Approvals Report – Initial Works, 11/11/2020

  • Suburban Rail Loop – Suburban Rail Loop Stage One Project Outline, 10/11/2020

  • Suburban Rail Loop – Public Works Order Declaration, 20/12/2020

  • Environment Assessment , Suburban Rail Loop – Stage One, DELWP

  • Suburban Rail Loop – Project Documents, Suburban Rail Loop

  • Suburban Rail Loop State One EES Draft Scoping Requirements, DELWP

  • Suburban Rail Loop What We’ve Heard So Far, Suburban Rail Loop

  • Suburban Rail Loop Stabling Facility Options Assessment Summary

  • Kingston Council

  • Letter to Hon Daniel Andrews re Suburban Rail Loop , Kingston Council (letter), 24/02/2021
    Letter-to-Hon-Daniel-Andrews-re-Suburban-Rail- Loop.pdf

  • Kingston Councillors tell the State Government to move the proposed stabling yards off the Chain of Parks, Kingston Council, 02/02/2021

  • New regional sporting fields at the Delta site, Kingston Council

  • Chain of Parks trail plans, Kingston Council

  • Kingston Councillors’ letter to residents in Heatherton and Clarinda, Kingston Council

  • Sandbelt Open Space Project Development Plan 1994, Kingston Council / Melbourne Parks and Waterways

  • Green Wedge Management Plan Review, Kingston Council – ‘Your Kingston Your Say’, Consultation Open Until 6th May 2021

  • Bayside City Council Stabling Yards Letter to Acting Premier James Merlino, 9/04/2021

  • Victorian State Government

    Last Updated: 24th October 2021