Letter Sample 4

Dear <Name>

I’m a long term resident of Heatherton, a suburb of Melbourne situated in Kingston Council.

Heatherton sits in the middle of the suburbs of Clarinda, Moorabbin and Cheltenham.

Heatherton is a small suburb with a lower population than most suburbs.

It’s a leafy green suburb with long term residents (with some people living here over 50 years). Heatherton has some land of agricultural use, land previously used for market gardens and now part of the Green Wedge,  and land which has been allocated for a ‘Chain of Parks’ promised by Kingston Council to its residents.

The Delta site on Kingston Road is currently proposed to be used for the new Suburban Rail Loop Train Stabling Yard. I understand that there is another site available to use but it seems State Government think chopping up our proposed parks would be better for them.

If this is successful it would place a large industrial site amongst Residential properties. 

This will have:

  • a negative effect on the long term residents of Heatherton. 
  • an emotional impact (mental health) on the residents from the change of visual environment and living enjoyment. 
  • an effect of devaluing properties – ‘Would you like to live next to a train stabiling yard??’ 
  • an effect on the environment and nature, bird life etc.

I understand environmental impact studies are yet to be done, but we all know how these things go. Independent consultants are employed to say what ever is is the best outcome for the development to proceed, not to support those against the development. 

This piece of land has a long history, including a previously thwarted concrete crushing plant proposal, and now is at risk again.

There has already been machinery placed on the site to start construction, yet there has been no community consultation on this large project. I am a long term resident of Heatherton and have not been notified of this other than through the protests of our neighbours. I certainly wonder if this is how the State Government want to strengthen their relationship with community. 

This agenda seems to have been pushed through to pre-approval under the umberella of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Kingston Council has promised this land to its people as part of the proposed ‘Chain of Parks’ from Karkarook Park on Warrigal Road Moorabbin to Springvale Road.

It is stunningly beautiful with trees and bird life of several different varieties and has been planned to hold sporting grounds, a campsite, walking trails etc

The allocated land brings useable green space to the suburbs of Melbourne that can be used not just by Heatherton Residents but all of Melbourne. Most importantly bayside areas such as Sandringham, Highett, Brighton, Cheltenham and areas slightly east such as Clarinda, Clayton, Springvale etc

I recently saw a news piece on TV that during the Pandemic, Melbourne residents were able to use the Golf Clubs as Green spaces, picnicking, and fun outdoor fresh air spaces. On the other hand, areas in Melbourne allocated for this sole purpose are about to be sucked up in Government projects of an industrial nature.

I implore you to protect our residents, our mental health our environment our space our Green space, Melbourne’s Green Space. 


Please look at our website www.movethetrainyard.com


Your Sincerely 


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