Letter Sample 5

Dear Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors,

I am contacting you regarding a letter I received in the mail today from the State Government’s Suburban Rail Loop (SRL) Authority advising that the Pioneer/Delta/Lantrak site in Heatherton is the preferred location for the SRL stabling yards.

I live at <address> which is directly <where in comparison> this location. 

I understand that Council has been working with State Government for some time looking at alternative site options for these stabling yards.  As part of this process, I understand Council identified an alternative site which was suitable but deemed more expensive by SRL. 

Given the following issues surrounding the project, I call on Council to re-initiate its discussions with State Government to reconsider this alternative site:

  • It is unclear how the State Government can make claims about job creation when there has been no formal feasibility process or business case.
  • It is unclear how the State Government can make assertions about costs of alternative sites when, again, there has been no feasibility process or business case. 

I am also very concerned that the SRL’s preferred site is one of the most poorly managed sand mines and landfill sites in the Kingston Green Wedge.  The site has a history of very poor/non-existent oversight and compliance by State Government (State Work Authorities EIL716/WA383).  The site is likely to be contaminated with implications for the health and safety of residents and also groundwater and the broader environment if it is disturbed for the purposes of building the stabling yards and associated tunnels.

Green Wedge residents have been let down by the State Government on this matter and also by the State Planning Minister’s very recent decision to approve Alex Fraser’s permit extension request. 

Council should be doing all that it can to ensure that the State Government delivers on its promises to deliver the Chain of Parks and not betray Kingston Green Wedge residents again. 

Yours sincerely

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