Letter Sample 7

Dear <Name>,

By now you would be aware of the State Government’s announcement regarding their plans to locate a Train Stabling Yard and Maintenance Facility in Heatherton.

Like so many of their neighbours, some of whom have been here for over 50 years, families chose to live here knowing that large parts of the area would ultimately be transformed into parks and recreational uses for everyone around Melbourne to enjoy.

Successive State Governments, irrespective of the political party in Office, have made good on these promises through State Planning Policies and Ministerial approval of Local Planning Policies that would protect the Kingston Chain of Parks from inappropriate uses and provide certainty around the long-held planned outcomes.

This Government wants to completely ignore all that has been put in place by situating an industrial type use Train Storage/Maintenance Facility on core parkland, which is right beside peoples’ homes.

The need for such a facility in this region, should the Rail Loop Project proceed, is not in question, the current preferred site is however vehemently opposed to.

Members of this community, through undertaking thorough/considered research and drawing on the abundant resources of local knowledge, have taken the time and care to identify a more suitable location.

This alternative site is far less intrusive on residential, sits right beside major arterial roads and is not part of the Chain of Parks.

Details of this site can be found on the website movethetrainyard.com

As an elected representative, now is the time to stand up and make good on the promises that have been made to restore our communities’ amenity and push for the Train Depot to be relocated to this more appropriate location.

Yours Sincerley,



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