Letter Sample 1

Dear <Name>,

I wish to lodge my objection to the proposed Train Stabling Facility on the current Delta Group site on Kingston Road Heatherton.

Local residents have endured decades of sand mining and landfill on the promise that this site would be returned to the community in the form of open space/parkland/regional outdoor recreation facilities with linking walk trails.

Successive Kingston Councils/Councillors have sought to reinforce these objectives through planning policy and zoning measures to ensure these outcomes are realised.

This has been further enhanced through a Parks Victoria Public Acquisition Overlay along with Ministerial Panels/Planning Minsters refusing proposed land uses on the grounds that they would indefinitely prevent these ultimate end uses being achieved.

There are other sites in the region that would be far more suitable, enabling the Suburban Rail Loop Project to successfully proceed.

The current proposed sites are too close to residential housing, including those that are on the boundary, and will cause severe amenity impacts on local residents.

Please visit the website www.movethetrainyard.com for more information on how the proposed Train Stabling Facility will impact my community.

Thank you,


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